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Author: Marcos C. Quintero

Understanding Strength Training For The Female Physique

Attitudes have changed regarding women and physical fitness; however, misconceptions and misinformation abound. Strength training is particularly misunderstood, as many believe that lifting heavy weights leads to bulk. Another topic women may not have sufficient information on is suitable workout gear. Because women’s physiques differ from men’s, issues of muscle mass and supportive garments also differ. Women tend to use weights suited to toning even when attempting bodybuilding exercises. Although not harmful, the practice does not constitute strength training regardless of repetitions or type of lift. Proper weight training defines a woman’s muscles which leads to a better figure, not bulk....

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The Use of Storage Space

People in today’s economy are always buying merchandise. The need for physical accoutrements is always relevant in the American economy. Capitalism is capitalism. People also get attached to physical items. Investing money in something makes it valuable to a person in some way and they tend to get attached. Then there are people who are sentimental. They might have furniture and relics from generations in their families and will not part with them. Having a lot of things can overcrowd a home, though, so some people opt to store their valuables around the house in order to preserve them....

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With its origin from the Patiala City of the Punjab state, these trendy salwar suits have become an all-time favorite of the Indian women. The design of this particular woman attire is stitched in a special way where the top dress reaches either mid-thigh or till the knees while the lower is designed in a fluffy, pleated pant. This ethnic Indian dress is said to be the fashionable face of the Punjab state, reflecting the rich culture of the place. Though women used to wear only the suit with a dupatta around their neck, nowadays, the dress has got a lot...

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3 Things You Need to Dress Your Best for a Wedding

The spotlight may shine on the bride and groom on a wedding day, but that doesn’t mean they get all the attention. Wedding photographs have a mix of group shots of close friends and family. If you are going to give a toast or a speech, you share the spotlight too. Since wedding fanfare pays such close attention to friends and family, it’s only common courtesy to put your best foot forward. Dressing appropriately for a wedding is not just about formal wear. It is about following the dress code and theme. It is about dressing well, more than...

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How to Clean Your Jewellery at Home

Your jewellery needs proper care and maintenance so that it can always sparkle and shine. Here are the top DIY tricks everyone is swearing by. You just need to find some basic household products to make the best cleaning solution for your jewellery. Aluminium foil Line a ceramic bowl with aluminium foil until every inch of it is covered. Heat up some water and then pour it in. Next, put in a tablespoon of laundry detergent. The laundry detergent must be bleach-free and in powder form. Once the laundry detergent dissolves into the water, you can now soak your...

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