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Author: Marcos C. Quintero

Stylish Spring Head Adornments

Last spring, the Prada turban was the must-have accessory for discerning Hollywood heads, but this spring head-adornments are evolving in a more glamorous direction. In the past month or so, we’ve spotted bejewelled, beaded, embellished, and ornamented headbands and headwraps on the crowns of notable noggins aplenty. Natalia Vodinanova turned up the sparkle factor when she chose a tinsel type of band for the Love Ball dinner gala (which honored Ms. V herself, as well as Valentino. Ally Hilfiger also added shine to her overall outfit with a rhinestone wrap for Erin Fetherston’s after party at the Gramercy Park...

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How to Choose the Best Garment Steamer

Depending on what your needs are, what will help you decide on the best garment steamer. What is the appropriate size unit? To be portable, you need it? Is it relevant to price? How many clothes do you need to be pressed or dry cleaned regularly? The steamer of clothing works with plain water. Do not add anything to the water because the machine is at risk of being blocked. The portable ones make it easy to go to any room for drapes from the bedroom to the bed skirt, to the living room for upholstery. The best clothing...

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Ayatul Kursi Jewelry: precious gift for Muslims

Jewelry is the oldest form of adornment and has been used as a representation of faith for centuries. From common metals to precious stones and diamonds you can find no shortage of options regardless of your beliefs.  NANO JEWELRY is a combination of art and science that allows writing in 24K pure gold jewelry stones. This amazing collaboration of innovation and artistic skills is creating religious wonders in the form of NANO JEWELRY with an inscription of Holy symbols and verses of different religions. Ayat-al-Kursi is one of the most important Quranic verses that is most recited and well...

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How You Should Look Best Every Day with Sunday Suits

When you hear somebody state I’m wearing my Sunday’s ideal, what rings a bell? You think they are wearing the best suit they have in light of the fact that everybody in any event spruces up for church on Sunday right. The vast majority realize that the correct church suit won’t be modest except if it really looks modest, at that point it wouldn’t be the correct suit would it? Regularly so as to wear a quality suit for church you would ordinarily need to follow through on significant expense which may make them cry to your Pastor yet...

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False-Decline Losses Surpassing eCommerce Fraud

eCommerce fraud is expected to result in $6.4 billion losses by 2021, as the recent research by Aite Group shows. Losses caused by false declines are likely to exceed eCommerce fraud. Are you using secure and reliable fraud prevention solutions? Who can help you with this? Just read and you’ll know. False Decline Losses & eCommerce Merchant Account False declines associated with card processing happen when a customer, without bad intention, and within his/her spending limit, finds his/her transaction rejected. Of course, this embarrasses the customer and creates headaches for the merchant. Let’s see what the leading independent research...

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