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Author: Marcos C. Quintero

How to Clean Your Jewellery at Home

Your jewellery needs proper care and maintenance so that it can always sparkle and shine. Here are the top DIY tricks everyone is swearing by. You just need to find some basic household products to make the best cleaning solution for your jewellery. Aluminium foil Line a ceramic bowl with aluminium foil until every inch of it is covered. Heat up some water and then pour it in. Next, put in a tablespoon of laundry detergent. The laundry detergent must be bleach-free and in powder form. Once the laundry detergent dissolves into the water, you can now soak your...

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Perfect Caretaking of the Head and the Hair

Before washing your hair, do apply few drops of the olive oil to those bristles with a hundred percent boar bristle brush, and brush. Brush through one section of hair at once. Begin by diluting the shampoo with water (50/50 ratio) in a spray bottle. Spray the shampoo on the scalp. (If you wear your hair system at the time of shampooing avoid using shampoo near the fixation site as adhesive can come off prematurely). Press and slide the shampoo into a section of the hair system, from root to ends with a sponge and squeeze the shampoo through...

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Why an Eternity Ring Makes the Perfect Push Present

If you haven’t heard of the term “push present”, then you’re one of a few. It’s become more popular since the Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to her children, and more people are beginning to think of eternity rings in a different way. Image Credit Eternity rings are used for a number of situations and are usually given to women as presents. So why have eternity rings become the ideal push present? What Do Eternity Rings Symbolise? The popular rings symbolise a lasting bond of loyalty and love. They’re commonly given to women to complete their bridal set and are usually an anniversary present. The engagement and wedding rings are signs of commitment, and the eternity ring is a symbol of the continuing commitment and love. One of the most important bonds is between a mother and child, so eternity rings make the perfect push present. What Are Push Presents? A push present is usually given to a woman after the birth or adoption of a child by her partner. There are many choices when it comes to picking the perfect push present, but the eternity ring has become the most popular. This is due to the symbolism of the ring and also because jewellery is an item that can be seen by others and worn permanently. Image Credit Other presents include necklaces, earrings, photographs and bracelets. However, nothing...

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Juniors Dress Ideas- Shopping For My Niece

I know my posts are normally about fashion and shopping on a budget for women like myself, but today I wanted to switch it up and talk about shopping for teenagers! I was recently given the task of helping my 14-year-old niece shop for summer clothes and dresses for a few special occasions she has coming up. My sister apparently thinks that since I’m a “fashion blogger” and the fashionista of the family, I would be the perfect person to take on this responsibility. While I’m flattered that she considers me stylish enough to help shop for her daughter,...

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Ways to Find an All Rounder Bridesmaid Dresses

Along with all other hassles bridesmaid’s dresses can be pretty challenging to choose. You need to keep the season in mind, the wedding theme and the bride’s gown also a mood setter while choosing the perfect dress for bridesmaids. A few years back, bridesmaid dresses were kind of one time use dress which became useless after the event. But with changing world this thought has also changed that bridesmaid’s dresses cannot be worn again. With is update, the style and fashion trend of bridesmaid dresses has also been changing ever since. Depending on how casual the wedding ceremony will...

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