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What Is A 511 Tactical Kilt And Why DO You Need Them?

5.11 Tactical Reintroduces Popular Tactical Duty Kilt (PRNewsFoto/5.11 Tactical)

It might have begun as a joke of April Fools, but the superior breathability, advanced performance, and instantly recognizable style of the Tactical kilt from 5.11 provide everything you have to keep the inner Highlander on the toes. The modern design of the purpose-built tactical duty kilt is simple to wear (just wrap & snap it), it stands up to astonish breezes, and it allows you to show the buddies what manly actually looks like.

Why The 5.11 Tactical Duty Kilt?

In 2012, what was actually pulled as a fantastic April fool’s prank, the tactical kilts were launched by releasing a reveal video with no purpose of actually creating the kilt. It turns out; the joke was on the manufacturers. As soon as they released that video, it rapidly went viral, and individuals began asking about how to purchase the kilt. The company began with a few thousand tactical kilts, which flew out of their storehouse in a flash because they were all sold out (and because there’re still individuals with no kilts asking to order them), the manufacturer ran a kilt endorsement the next year, and then the next, and, well, you get the message. Eventually, they began creating the kilt without waiting for a special occasion or promotion. In fact, the buyers have utilized the kilts for the tactical training and even in the 1st-responder bands, and these kilts have reacted.

The Features Of The Tactical Duty Kilt:

The tactical kilts, accessible in moss, black, TDU Khaki, Multicam, stone grey, and a burnt, deep brown is packed with amazing features. Here is a list of the particular details that consumers like about these tactical kilts:

  • Rip-stop, super-tough Taclite fabric created from the polyester-cotton blend that is also astonishingly breathable, particularly valuable for guys who sweat.
  • Water-resistant stain-resistant, Teflon finish that can really keep the kilt fresh
  • A sturdy and wide belt can loop to support a completely-loaded 1.75-inch tactical belt.
  • Built-in D-rings for attaching keys and other clip-on stuff
  • Triple stitching at its seams and all the main stress points for additional durability
  • Great coverage without additional bulk in one streamlined and stylish package

Why Do You Need A Tactical Kilt?

Amazing for the range, competing in the kilt-off, or almost every activity that needs you to stay ready and mobile for everything while still looking outstandingly cool, a 5.11 tactical kilt might be the best clothing decision you have ever made. Here is why you require your own 5.11 Kilt:

  • You require storage for the maps, magazines, and beard comb, and these kilts have it all.
  • Stain-, rip-, and water-resistant finish stands up to everything life throws at you without appearing worse for wear.
  • The fit of these kilts can easily hang just below your knee, providing you the ideal mix of mobility and modesty.
  • This kilt is pleated on all sides so that you can jump, run, and take a knee for firing without being held up by unflattering and tight-fitting pant legs.

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