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Juniors Dress Ideas- Shopping For My Niece

Juniors Dress Ideas- Shopping For My Niece

I know my posts are normally about fashion and shopping on a budget for women like myself, but today I wanted to switch it up and talk about shopping for teenagers! I was recently given the task of helping my 14-year-old niece shop for summer clothes and dresses for a few special occasions she has coming up. My sister apparently thinks that since I’m a “fashion blogger” and the fashionista of the family, I would be the perfect person to take on this responsibility. While I’m flattered that she considers me stylish enough to help shop for her daughter, shopping for a teenager is something I’m not familiar with myself. It has been a very loooong time since I’ve been able to fit into those tiny dresses we see in the stores these days!

That brings me to my next issue- all the outfits and dresses I saw in the stores that were supposed to be for teens looked like they were meant for a 25 year old woman! I know girls are dressing a little more risqué and taking risks with fashion these days, but I was shocked when I saw all the bare midriff tops and low cut jeans, not to mention the super short shorts! My sister would have killed me if her daughter showed up wearing 70 percent of the things we saw in the stores.

When shopping for teenagers, the best thing to do is try to find a store that sells juniors dresses. Junior’s dresses are the size in between little kid sizing and adult women sizing. It’s for girls in that pre-teen and teenage age range. Most department stores have a juniors section in addition to a children’s section and women’s section. This is where you’ll want to go! We headed to Macy’s to look at the juniors section but I was still less than thrilled. Everything looked picked over and we had to rifle through so many racks to find anything. We came across a few cute options but unfortunately could not find them in Chelsea (my niece’s) size.

Sizing for juniors can be tricky because the dresses are smaller than misses’ sizes and have a completely different size chart. You may want to look for a juniors size chart online and take measurements to get an idea of what size you’ll need.

After spending a few hours at the mall with no luck, we decided to head home. I did some research online and came across several stores Chelsea liked. Her favorite by far was Lily Boutique. I decided to write this post because when I find something super awesome and exciting I LOVE to share it with my readers! Everything- yes every single thing- at Lily Boutique was 50% off! I’m not kidding, we went crazy! We found some of the cutest juniors dresses for Chelsea to wear to church and back to school for less than $30! I was nervous because I thought it might be too good to be true, but we placed an order online and within 3 days, I received my package.

I waited until the next weekend to show Chelsea everything we got and let me tell you, I have never seen her so excited to show off her new dresses. We went ahead and purchased a Homecoming dress, several lace dresses, and a few jackets. One thing that made me and my sister happy is that all of the items were age-appropriate for girls in high school. These styles were soft and flowy, perfect for the girly girl at heart! And my sister is thrilled that we got so many cute new pieces for less than $200. You’ll definitely get some bang for your buck at this store! So check out Lily Boutique when you get a chance- I don’t know how long this 50% off sale will be running but I wanted to share my find with all of you ladies in case you might have daughters in the teen years. I know from experience now just how hard it is to shop for teen girls without them looking 25! Anyways, happy shopping and have a great rest of the week!

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