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What type of jeans should you wear to compliment your woodland shoes?

What type of jeans should you wear to compliment your woodland shoes?

This is a question of many that which jeans will suit with Woodland shoes? Woodland is one of the most premium shoe brands in India. Usually, the shoes go with every dress but there are certain dresses with which they look stunning. Now, first of all, you need to know which jeans or pant goes well with which shoe to make sure you have the perfect knowledge before you buy Woodland shoe.

Shoes VS Jeans:

Now, let’s see here which shoe is working well with which jeans.

  • Skinny Jeans: Classic Hi-cut sneakers, military boots, Suede Hi-cut bucks, Tassel Loafers, and Plain Toe Derby.


  • Slim or Straight Jeans: classic sneakers, Classic Hi-cut sneakers, Suede bucks, Wing tip Brogues, and Double Monkstraps.


  • Boot cut Jeans: Chelsea Boots, Chukka Boots, Wingtip Boots, Captoe Boots, and Balmoral Boots.


  • Chino or Khakis: Classic sneakers, suede bucks, Longwing Derby, Single or Double Monkstraps, and Semi or Quarter Brogue Oxfords.


  • Folded or Rolled Jeans: alpargatas, boat shoes, Chukka Boots, Semi or Quarter Brogue Derby, Cap toe Oxfords.


Sometimes formal shoes go well with jeans too but very rarely.

Mistakes What most People Do While Choosing a Shoe:

  • Don’t wear high gloss or smooth patent leather shoes while you are going to wear a chinos or a jeans. These shoes will look amazing with tuxedo or suit but with jeans, both jeans and the shoes will lose their charm.
  • Going for an outing wearing chinos or jeans, brown or tanned leather shoes will be the best fit for you. With the casual nature of jeans, they are the best fit, not the black leather ones. While if you want to wear black, you need to get a black suede leather buck shoes and you can wear them with blue denim jeans as these shoes are a bit casual in nature. Now get out and rule the world.
  • If you are wearing a boot cut jeans or any other jeans which has an opening at the ankle, you need to avoid the boat shoes or loafers. The opening will hide you sleek shoes and whether they are awesome or not, it will look like you are hiding them. Try to wear the sleeker shoes with a jeans which don’t have ankle openings. Avoid wearing sneakers with these boot cut jeans too.
  • Skinny Jeans for men look cool if worn with a right pair of shoes. But while wearing them you must avoid sneakers as they do not go well with them and will look awkward. Your feet will look a lot bigger in it.

Matching the Colors:

  • Grey: If you are going to wear a grey color jeans, the shoes you need to wear must be of bright colors. Any bright color will look good with it and will balance the look. Frankly speaking, if you need to experiment with your shoes, grey is the color of the jeans you need to wear.
  • White: Grey jeans is loved by all due to its versatility but everyone likes the white jeans. The color is a symbol of royalty and wealth. Do not wear a dark brown shoe with the jeans as they do not combine well. Don’t try to experiment too much with this jeans. The black leather shoe is best for white jeans.
  • Black: Often black jeans is used as a black business pants. To get a taller and classy look, you can wear black leather shoes like oxfords or derbys.

These are the things you need to learn while matching a jeans with a pair of Woodland shoes.


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