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7 Different Ways To Use Rosewater For Flawless Skin

Flawless skin requires a healthy skincare routine, with no or limited use of chemical-based products. Organic products need to be incorporated for the best results. Rosewater earlier was prepared by soaking rose petals in water for a longer duration for better infusion. With time, the process has been modified for mass production. The best thing about it is that it is suitable for all skin types. Also, there is no age or gender bar for its usage, so this is the reason why rosewater for face usage is always on demand. Below are seven different ways to use rosewater to get flawless skin.

Daily Moisturizer

Daily moisturizing of the skin is very important. One can mix 2 tablespoons of rosewater with their daily moisturizer and apply them to the face. It keeps the skin more hydrated and reduces drying in winter. Also in summer, it helps to control excess sebum and oil production. It keeps the face moist and plump, working on reducing skin pigmentation.

Daily Toner

Toning is very important for skincare as it has many benefits. After cleaning the face with face wash, the skin pores enlarge due to the removal of dirt and oil. Rosewater toner helps to reduce the pore size of the skin, thus oil secretion gets reduced. Also, it helps in reducing skin pigmentation and dullness. Put rose water in a spray bottle, or buy a Juicy Chemistry Rose water which is readily available in a spray bottle and spray on the face from an elbow distance with eyes closed. Let the skin absorb it and do not pat dry with any towel.

Makeup Remover

Rosewater for face is not just limited to moisturizing and toning. It can be used as an organic makeup remover. The ready-made makeup removers can be harsh on the skin due to chemicals. Sensitive skins are prone to redness and irritation by their usage. Using rosewater for face having sensitive skin is the best option. Moreover, it maintains the natural skin texture. One can dab a cotton with rose water and start removing the makeup.

Face Pack

Homemade face packs used once or twice a week help a lot to achieve flawless skin. Besan and rosewater for face are the most beneficial among them. Mix 2 tablespoons of besan in rosewater and form a paste. Apply all over the face, leaving the eye and lips. Leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it with normal water and pat dry with a soft towel. Apply a moisturizer after it. This pack not only removes suntan but works on the lightening of skin and pimples.

Face Sheet

Putting a face sheet on the face once a week can be rejuvenating. Dry face sheets are available on the market. Soak them into rosewater until they absorb the rose water completely. Then cover your face with the sheet. Keep it until the sheet becomes dry. This makes the skin radiant and reduces the signs of aging as rosewater is rich in anti-oxidants.

Face Massage

Mix 1 tablespoon of rose with massage cream or 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Massage it by making a circle. It will exfoliate the skin and reduce the dark spots.

Makeup Fixer

Rosewater can be used for long-lasting makeup. Instead of chemical makeup fixers, spray rosewater on the face after applying makeup. It also provides a radiant and subtle look.

These are few ways one may apply to get flawless and radiant skin. Organic rose water for the face is very much safe to use as it is free from harsh chemical components. It maintains the pH of the skin and works effectively to reduce acne, pimples and rashes.


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