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Blue Suit and Brown Shoes: A Match Made in Heaven

Blue Suit and Brown Shoes: A Match Made in Heaven

Getting something to wear to an important event is easier said than done. Be it to an interview, a friend’s wedding, or a corporate meeting, you have to look your best. One of the outfits one can wear to such events includes a blue suit and brown shoes. Here is why the pair makes an impression.

  1. Blue suits are official

Black is a possible alternative to blue when it comes to suits for formal settings. But it is beyond a reasonable doubt that blue looks more official. Black is way too formal. Also, you are likely to come across everyone wearing black. If you want to stand out, blue should be your color of choice.

It is best worn minus pinstripes and with only two buttons. Why are you allowed to wear brown shoes and not earthy tones suits? Well, you don’t want to look too casual.

  1. A classy combination

Brown oxfords are a classic, and you will find most men wearing them with suits. If you have ever paid attention, you will realize that you look better on the days you wear brown shoes. What makes them classy is because they are unique.

More so, when paired with a blue suit, which also has its unique traits, the result is elegance. The best part is that with this combination, you can show up anywhere. It is a combination to go for, for a coffee date, a meeting with your boys after work and wherever you wish to go.

  1. Versatility

When talking versatility, we are talking about the many ways you can play with this pair to bring out class. For instance, you are pretty much allowed even to change the laces. If you are from a corporate meeting and you feel the need to unwind, you don’t have to go back home to change. If you are feeling too formal, you can do a lighter shade of laces for tan brown shoes.

You won’t have to anything about your blue suit: maybe lose the tie if you have one. With a blue suit, you will effortlessly blend in with the folks wearing jeans, and even look better.

  1. They never clash

Provided they are worn with a brown belt; the combination can never go wrong. The best part is that you will never sweat trying to blend in, in any setting. Be kit a wedding, football match, picnic, or even your kid’s academic day.

Brown shoes have become universal, just like black. This means that they go well with any shade of blue and other colors. This, however, does not mean you should get rid of your back pair of shoes. A black pair of formal shoes, oxfords or brogues is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe.

Blue suits and brown shoe combination is an opportunity to be stylish and classy without breaking the bank. It is so effortless that you will be amazed: provided you get good quality items


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