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Colorful or plain black – which women’s raincoat with a hood should you get?

Colorful or plain black – which women’s raincoat with a hood should you get?

Is black your happy color? Or maybe your wardrobe reminds you of a rainbow, shining in the summer sky? Regardless of your choice, there always comes a time when you face a fashion dilemma. Should you go for a bright and slightly experimental color or go with the safe option, most often – black? Well, the short answer would be It depends but what’s good that going to do for you… So, to give you some clarity and tips, we’re going to look over the pros and cons of wearing a colorful or black women’s raincoat with a hood to see what should work best for you!

A black women’s raincoat with a hood – all you need to know

In general, black clothes are much more versatile. You can style them differently and create an entirely unique look without having to change your whole outfit. Most of it has to do with the contrast of the color with the skin tone, match or contrast with your hair, etc.

A black women’s raincoat with a hood is practical first, and foremost. Made from water-resistant materials it can repel rain and make you feel more comfortable as well as the hood which will protect your hair, makeup, etc.

A long women’s raincoat with a hood is usually worn to a more formal environment – e.g. work, semi-formal events, get-togethers. It’s a perfect blend of convenience and fashionable in one.

What black lacks however is expression. If you like to be in dresses, skirts, heels and involve fewer colors and patterns, a black coat is an excellent choice. However, if you like flowing lines, expressive under layers, and have your own theme going on, it’s best to choose an item that has a unique color.

When to wear a colorful raincoat with a hood?

Whether colorful or monochromatic, the same ideas and pros of convenience apply. It will be a great wear when the weather’s harsh whilst simultaneously making you look good next to more formal surroundings. However, if your waterproof women’s raincoat with a hood has a patterned, colorful, or extravagant design, you are limiting yourself to what you can wear with it.

Even though the current landscape of fashion loves new styling and anti-trends even, you can’t expect to just make every single item combination work well together. That’s just unrealistic. Some rules will have to apply. Even though you should always look to do you, make sure your outfit doesn’t have conflicting patterns as this will knock off the effect of the colorful raincoat.

What you want to do is to design an outfit based on the colors which are in this season. For example, if it’s green, go for a green coat or wear your coat with green pants, shirt, etc. More colorful raincoats look best in informal environments as well as during just a casual walk around the neighborhood.

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