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How to Improve Your Instagram Posts

How to Improve Your Instagram Posts

These days, having an Instagram account is the norm. Not having one will result in neverending questions, and you’ll always be the odd one out when you’re out with friends and they’re all taking photos to post on their profile. However, it’s not enough to just have a bare-minimum Instagram account.

If you already have one and it’s getting barely any likes, it’s time to do the following:

Step 1: Follow more people

The easiest way to grow the number of people seeing your posts is by growing your own list of followers. The friends you were not following before will be glad to see your activity on social media–and they will not be stingy on the likes and comments as well. Don’t stop with just your friends, however. The goal of social media is to expand your horizons without letting your physical location limit you, so go ahead and follow people from other places if you like the kind of posts they have. Photography blogs, for example, are a great source of aesthetic photos you can get inspiration from. Bloggers and influencers will also be fun accounts to follow for the latest trendy looks.

Step 2: Use hashtags and geotags

Most social media accounts these days have a feature that allows you to discover new accounts or places of interest. The great thing about this feature is it lets other people find your posts too–if you are searchable and you post eyecatching content. If you’ve recently been to a hip restaurant or have taken a photo of a beautiful scenery, tag the location so that other people searching for those places in particular will see your posts. Hashtags also let people with the same interests discover each other.

Most importantly, however, keep your profile public. There’s nothing wrong with having a private account, but it’s not the best idea if your aim is to get more attention.

Step 3: Post personal content

Anyone can post flowers, coffee, food, and everything else in between. But only you can post about yourself and your life, and at the end of the day, these are what turn followers into friends. If you can share a bit about yourself on your Instagram account, people will be more interested in seeing your next post. Maybe you just bought new eyebrow makeup for sale and used it for the first time–go ahead and review it in the caption. Maybe you feel beautiful in your outfit. Talk about self love. Maybe you came back to a place filled with memories, and you wanted to compare your photos from your first and your most recent visit. Share how much of your life has changed between those time periods.

Step 4: Be you

Everyone can tell you to do one thing or another to improve your Instagram account, but at the end of the day, what feels good is what you feel comfortable with. Your social media account is an extension of yourself, so use it in a way that will show your real personality. If you’re faking it for social media, all the likes will mean nothing in the end.

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