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Want to be a true Hippie? Here’s what you need to do

Want to be a true Hippie? Here’s what you need to do

Do you feel the urge of revamping the hippie’s era of the 1960s? Fashion should be unique and classy enough to get you noticed in the crowd. After all, being the same as everyone is cumbersome. Flaunting a hippie look is a crazy and a happening thing to do. You can adorn carefree attitude and behave as if you don’t care about anything, except you and peace. Go in a state of trance and unravel your true nature, or at least try to do so, by stepping into the shoes of a hippie.

Upper Wear

The trick to adorn a hippie look is to be as simple as you can. You don’t need to stress hard on flaunting designer t-shirts or jackets. Considering t-shirts, you can wear peace-sign t-shirts. These are a rage when it comes to hippie wear. If you don’t own a peace-sign t-shirt, you can check out t shirts online at multiple stores.

Tie-dyed t-shirts also gel well with the hippie look. And if the t-shirts are long sleeved and broad, it completes the look. Further, if you want to opt for a jacket, military jackets from the bygone eras are ideal for the occasion. And if you are not concerned about clothing at all, go bare-chested or simply wear a vest over jeans.

Bottom Wear

In the bottom wear section, bell bottoms are the favorites. These are the iconic designs specially attributed to the hippie era. Talking about the designs, it should be plain without any prints or pattern. If it looks old and grungy, it will amplify your hippie look. Similarly, you can consider bell-bottomed trousers or pajamas if you don’t prefer jeans.



A true hippie won’t make an effort to wear footwear. The barefoot approach is the way of a hippie. If you can do this, you have passed the test of being a hippie with distinction. But you will become an outcast in the society (unless you care!). Walking barefoot will trick people into thinking that you are a true hippie.

If you can’t do this, we have options for you. Sandals are the alternative to going barefoot. Sports shoes or leather shoes will certainly look odd. However, you can wear slippers as well, but not those flashy ones. Leather chappals will complement your hippie attire. You can consider wearing boots in the winter season, but ensure that the boots are flat.



The highlight of being a hippie is wearing accessories and flaunting funky styles. Let’s begin with the accessories. Hippies are known to be peace loving and war hating beings who preferred being in a hallucinogenic state. Thus, they were the pioneers of love and peace. There are several accessories that have imprints of symbols of peace attached to them. For example, you can go for headbands and bandanas with a printed peace sign or you can wear pendants and bracelets.

Long hair and beards are the unique characteristics of hippie. Grow your hair as long as you can, keep them untidy, and let them sway loose. Further, you can arrange them in braids to step into the next level. The same is applicable to beard as well. Let your beard grow wild and untamed. And if growing hair or beard is a problem, there are wigs available in the market.

Now, you can consider one more aspect. Wearing round glasses or goggles, just like John Lennon’s. If you can find a perfect pair of glasses, your hippie look will be complete. You can either opt for transparent glasses or go for tinge.

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