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Women’s Spa Robes And How to Take Care of Them

Women’s spa robes are more of a necessity than a luxury. It’s important to feel comfortable in the spa salons more than anything else. Waffle weave and Terry cloth are the most common materials used to provide us with a high level of comfort. They’re also known to be durable, which makes the robes last longer than other robes out there. Cotton robes as often used for bathroom uses because they’re best for absorbing water.

Cotton comes in different grades: high, medium, and low grade. High-grade cotton is comfortable on the skin. That explains why most spa salons use this kind of robe. Cotton spa robes come in different styles which are:

  • shawl collars
  • hooded robes
  • kimono robes

It is important to note that the robe materials shouldn’t cling on the skin. There are days when you want to spend the entire day wearing a spa robe. In this situation, you’d like to still feel comfortable. Personal preference is a big factor when choosing a spa robe, but you must not forget about its quality, too. If it’s easily damaged using a washing machine, then it’s not a good one.

Waffle Robe for Women

Most robes for men fall to the ankle while women’s spa robes have different length options. Waffle weave robes are among the stylish robes that a lot of resorts and spa salons use. They have an outline color in the cuffs and two pockets in the front panels. They come in different color combinations such as charcoal/heather, black/white, navy, and grey.

Women love to snuggle up in a spa robe after a shower. If this is part of your morning routine, then you need to use luxurious spa robes. Waffle robes can give you the extra comfort you need. It’s the perfect choice if you want something that you can use as a substitute for towels.

Different Types of Fabrics

Different types of fabrics for women’s spa robes differ in weight and texture. Common materials are cotton waffle weave, Egyptian cotton silk, fleece, and Turkish cotton. All of them are good, but what you’ll choose will depend on several factors. These are:

  • the season
  • the absorption rate of the robe
  • your texture preference

There are robes that are designed only for warm weather. They won’t be good for use in chilly seasons. Before buying a spa robe, you need to determine how you’re going to use it. If you only need it to dry yourself after a shower, then the Egyptian cotton will do. If you only want to keep warm, then Flannel robes are the best choice. If you only want to lounge around a hotel, then you can settle with satin robes.

Turkish Cotton Vs. Egyptian Cotton

Turkish cotton and Egyptian cotton are both high-quality fabrics for spa robes. But what’s the difference?

  • Egyptian cotton fibers have long and thin threads. They are spurned into absorbent and dense threads. When you wear this type of robe after a shower, it pulls moisture away from your body.
  • Turkish cotton fibers also have long and thin threads. But they are less absorbent compared to Egyptian cotton fibers. If you are looking for long-term use, then this is good for you. Turkish cotton tends to become fluffier over time.

How to Organize Your Spa Robes

  1. Store the spa robe away from humid conditions. Never store it in a laundry room. That’s because it will only absorb moisture. If you’re storing it in your cabinet, make sure it has a smooth finishing. Cabinets with unfinished wood can cause stains on folded or hanged clothing.
  2. Dispose of damaged and unwanted items. You should store the clothes that you often use within an arm’s reach. Store the ones you rarely use on higher shelves.

How to Take Care of Spa Robes

To make sure that your robes will last longer, you need to take good care of them. Follow these tips below to guide you on how to properly maintain them:

  1. If you want to hand wash your robes at home, then you need to be extra careful. Thick robes will need a big dryer for washing. They also take more time to dry. This is a factor that you might want to consider.
  2. Always make sure to close Velcro before washing it. It may pick up hair and damage your fabrics.
  3. Separate dark-colored robes. They will bleed into other items so make sure you separate them from light-colored ones before washing. If you wash them frequently, the colors might fade easily.
  4. Dry acrylic robes on a hanger with no rust. When ironing them, make sure the iron is moderately warm.
  5. You can use chlorine bleach on cotton robes. Cotton is a type of material that can withstand high temperatures. Using chlorine won’t damage the robes.
  6. When drying microfibers, make sure not to over dry them. That’s because they might result in wrinkles.
  7. Add fabric softener on polyester robes during the final rinse. It’s safe to use a washing machine for polyester. To get better results, make sure you add a fabric softener to them on the last rinse.
  8. Remove stains properly. Taking care of your robes is necessary if you want them to last longer than ordinary robes. To remove stains, you can crumble off the excess stain and rub that area with ice. Then, place the stained area between paper towels. Finally, press it with a warm iron. If the stain still isn’t removed, repeat the process until the stains are removed.

Spa robes have so many uses. You can cover your body after showering to keep yourself warm. Choosing good quality robes means that you get to use them longer. But if you don’t know how to maintain them, they won’t be as durable as they’re supposed to be. Following these tips should help you maintain the quality of your robes. Feel free to add more tips in the comment sections below if you have anything more to add.



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