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Which Is Better For You:  CBD Oil or Edibles?

Which Is Better For You:  CBD Oil or Edibles?

The CBD industry is blooming these days, and many people have switched to cannabis related products for better health. The demand for such products is increasing everyday, be it capsules, creams, smokes or edibles throughout the world. To meet the rising demand, many stores have started offering their goods online.

One of the popular online shops is Just CBD Store that deals in hundreds of CBD products. One can find almost everything such as tinctures, lollipops, oil, gummies and many more at reasonable rates. You can easily place an order by visiting their website, and grab attractive special offers and discounts.

CBD refers to cannabidiol substance found in cannabis plant. There are more than 100 compounds in it. However,, THC and CBD are two main compounds. Here, we have discussed the pros and cons of using CBD oil and edibles, so that you can choose the one that suits you.

CBD Edibles

There are many different kinds of cannabidiol infused edible products that you get in the market like cookies, chocolate bars, honey, mints, snacks etc. It consists of low amount of THC, and can be consumed like any other food items, but in right doses.


  • It is easy to consume and you can also travel with it
  • Many people find these edibles convenient to use as it can be combined with any other product or edibles
  • It is helpful to cure gastrointestinal issues
  • It can be stored for later consumption
  • The effects are long lasting than smoking or vaping
  • It is safer than smoking of CBD

One needs to be patient while consuming these edibles. It won’t give you instant relief from pain and takes longer time to cure. Also, the shelf life of few edibles is not too long.


It has become a popular therapy for relieving sleep disorders, anxiety and pain. The oil is extracted from hemp plant. Mostly, people mix it with other kinds of oils like such as olive or coconut oil and then consume it.


  • One of the advantages is faster bioavailability. By smoking or vaping CBD oil, you’ll get instant relief from pain. Another way to intake cannabidiol is to place it under your tongue. It will give you result in just 10 minutes. However, its effect won’t last long.
  • Unlike edibles, people can control its dosage.
  • It can be consumed with tea and smoothies.
  • It has a longer shelf life than edibles. You can store it up to a year or more.

The main disadvantage is it leads to damage of lungs when smoked or vaped. It is found that smoking of any kind gives rise to different health problems.

Thus, the choice between CBD oil and edibles depends on various factors such as personal preference, taste, side effects, shelf life, easy to use. It is advised to carefully consider the pros and cons before consumption. You can take help of a doctor if you are suffering from any ailment to choose wisely.

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