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Is Waist Training Really Effective?

Before digging deeper into this issue, we have to detail how waist trainers work. As opposed to the steel boned corset that was used long time ago, today’s waist trainers are more comfortable. Made from flexible latex, they are nothing else but wide elasticated belts. Built to shape the body into an hourglass silhouette, waist trainers are also considered a weight loss and fashion phenomenon. While it is true that corset training has been known since Victorian times, waist training brings an element of novelty and various celebrities such as the Kardashians heavily advertise it. However, there are lots of other waist accentuating brands, such as Gorsenia that celebrates women’s curves. There is already solid evidence that steel-boned corsets can trigger permanent changes of your body shape. The big question is whether these new waist trainers can do the same thing. This article takes a closer look at a series of factors to consider before deciding to try these devices.

The theory that supports this claim has some major flaws

Manufacturers recommend that you wear your waist trainer for eight hours a day, with an emphasis on the periods of time when you’re working out. This theory says that the wearing waist trainer will lead to thermogenesis in the body, which helps melting away the fat and eliminating impurities and toxins. Nonetheless, there’s no scientific research to back up these theories. The success stories you may find online can be the result of eating less food or the change of the dietary habits to integrate more stomach-flattening foods. The real reason behind these behavioural alterations can be that wearing the waist trainer becomes very uncomfortable when you eat large meals. In addition, the loss of water via sweating will also contribute to making your body fit in smaller clothes, creating the illusion of permanent weight loss. They are able to redistribute the body weight Whenever you apply any type of compression, your body will look smaller. This is why wearing your waist trainer will shrink your waist. Nonetheless, if you fail to fit it properly, your waist trainer may displace the fat elsewhere, creating ugly lumps in body areas where you didn’t have any problem before. This means you need to pay close attention to choosing the right waist trainer for your size and for your body shape. For best results, measure yourself properly and ensure you order to right waist trainer for you.

They can trigger complications

If you wear your waist trainer for longer than eight hours a day, the worst thing that can happen is that you feel uncomfortable. Nonetheless, in some situations, you could end up with severe health issues. The sweat and the irritation of the skin can lead to infections. A too tight trainer could make you light headed, this being a real issue in case you plan to wear your device during your workouts. In addition, improper waist trainers may displace your internal organs, triggering an array of digestive troubles such as heartburn and indigestion. You could even develop kidney and liver problems. Young girls are at very high risk, as their developing bodies can be severely injured by this constriction.

They can alter your mental health

The effect of waist trainers on mental health is a hot topic. We all wish to lose weight; so that we can fit into those beautiful outfits, we should have given away or sold long time ago. However, there’s growing evidence that the waist training phenomenon has very deep psychological implications and can be really daunting to mental health. You may look better while wearing your shapewear, but this is also a permanent reminder that you don’t have a perfect body. Constant comparison could make you even feel frustrated for not having the ideal body shape.

They offer only temporary benefits

Since the science supporting it is flawed, we can safely say that wearing a waist trainer won’t reshape your body. The industrial strength latex these garments are made from will shrink your waist size by up to 4 inches, so you’ll get real aesthetic benefits. Nonetheless, the benefits aren’t permanent. The moment you take it off, your waist will return to its original size. It is only by wearing a waist trainer and embracing a healthy diet and a regular exercise program that you’ll achieve permanent results.

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