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How Rakshabandhan 2018 Is Observed In Different Regions Of India: Atoot

Rakshabandhan, the festival wishing love and eternity for the siblings is a part of life to ponder about. The holy period is celebrated with great enthusiasm and is a time when the bro-sis prays for each other for everlasting joy and happiness in life. Rakhi 2018 is celebrated by all Indians in and out of the country in a grand way. But, do you know the manner in which it is marked in different parts of the country? Let us see them in detail below.

Rakshabandhan in the North

The ritual is most renowned in the northern parts of the country, where you can see a unity of people from different states like Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Bihar etc. Here is where they celebrate the most with various practices followed. If you would like to know more about each one of them,

Rakshabandhan in the South

From Maharashtra to the southern tip of the country, it is honoured in different forms. For instance in the coastal areas of Maharashtra, the occasion is marked as Naarali Poornima where the people offer prayers sighting the sea. Folks from the fishermen community, throw coconuts to the sea as a part of distinct rituals and fruit-based dishes are served in every household.

In other parts like Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc, the days are observed as Avani Avittam that falls under the month of Shravana in the Hindu calendar. When coming to different caste like Brahmin will have a holy dip in the nearby water source like river or temple pond which aims at erasing the wrongdoings of their past and wears a new thread across the body.

Rakshabandhan in the East

In the eastern states, there is quite a different manifestation followed. In states like West Bengal and Odisha, the holy interval is known as Jhulan Purnima and the people hailing here offer worship to Lord Krishna. On this beautiful occasion, sisters tie a unique steel rakhi to their brother’s hand and wish for his well being in the future.

Rakshabandhan in the West

The western state like Gujarat Rakshabandhan is celebrated alongside Pavitropana, the spiritual festival where women in the region pour water upon Shivalinga or the idol of Lord Shiva at the temples and offer prayers for forgiving the sins they have committed in the past.

Rakshabandhan in the Central Regions

In the central portions of the country, rakshabandhan 2018 is observed as Kajari Purnima where the mothers perform special poojas with their sons for their long life, whereas farmers worship the land that yields them livelihood for the future and it is believed that it sprouts fortune for them.

Wrapping Up

Incredible India – a name that suits our country due to its unique spiritual and other traditions having its own existence in different forms in different regions. Shine your holy rakhi 2018 buying unique metal rakhi for your beloved brother from Atoot by exploring and choose the best rakhi of your choice.

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