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5 Tips to Choose Gold Ring for Men

It could be that the person is in the market to shop for gold or diamond rings for her beloved one, to surprise him on his birthday, or for the engagement. Similar to men proposing girls with rings made of gold or diamond, even women can do the same or gift it to their beloved one at any point of time. As a matter of fact, gifting diamond bracelets and rings does not need any excuses. The gift can be just casual also, to show how much she loves him and cares. But to ensure that the ring is enjoyed and makes the recipient to be excited to be about it, there are several things that are to be considered.

Guide to selecting gold or diamond ring for men

  1. Setting the budget: Since gold and diamond are definitely expensive metals, there is a need to define the budget limit before starting to browse the collections. Sales executives are known for their pushy sales and the person might realize it very late that the budget has been exceeded. Therefore, it would be better to have an amount in mind and to stick to it, so as to ensure that the gift is enjoyed by both the giver and the recipient.
  2. Purchasing the stone separately: It could be that the person is eager to buy a gold ring and to have the diamond to be placed on it separately as per specific requirements. This is because; having the ring customized would show the interest, determination and love that having been put into it. In such a case, it would be better to have a diamond that has better cut and high color, however, with slightly low clarity. The stone is to be looked at with jeweler’s magnifying glass to locate possible flaws or inclusions, which are otherwise, barely visible.
  3. Choosing the setting: Variety of choices are present, ranging from the simple ones having solitaire setting to that of the more complex settings having filigree, additional side stones along with other details. One can also select gold, rose or white gold, titanium or platinum.
  4. Selecting the ring style: What is to be purchased for him? Is it to have that vintage, modern and sleek or detailed feeling. It is better to purchase the ring from a store that offers exchanges, in case, it turns out to be a misfit after purchase, for some unavoidable reasons.
  5. Figuring out his ring size: This is something important as well as tricky to find out his ring size, without spoiling the surprise element in it. It is much wiser to mistake on the bigger side of the size. If he has been wearing a ring, then sneaking it and taking it to the jeweler can help to find the right size, without his knowing it. Most of the rings could be resized. Asking the jeweler’s resize policy can help.

The above tips when carefully followed can help the person to select the most appropriate ring for him that can enhance his style, looks and personality.

Before buying gold or diamond rings for him for any occasion, it is very much important for the person to understand better as to what is to be done and avoided, so as to get the right one.

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