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3 Things You Need to Dress Your Best for a Wedding

3 Things You Need to Dress Your Best for a Wedding

The spotlight may shine on the bride and groom on a wedding day, but that doesn’t mean they get all the attention. Wedding photographs have a mix of group shots of close friends and family. If you are going to give a toast or a speech, you share the spotlight too. Since wedding fanfare pays such close attention to friends and family, it’s only common courtesy to put your best foot forward.

Dressing appropriately for a wedding is not just about formal wear. It is about following the dress code and theme. It is about dressing well, more than your usual business suit, but not well enough to upstage any essential people like the groom or the bride’s father. Here are three things you need to dress for the middle properly:

  1. Wear a fitted suit

You do not need to commission a bespoke suit to have something fit properly. Look for made to measure suits. They are not as fancy as bespoke but are a step above ready to wear. A made to measure suit already has a pattern. The tailor will take your measurements into account and adjust the model accordingly.

Never underestimate the difference of a well-fitted suit, they can change your posture, your structure, and your overall appeal. No need to worry about awkward lengths with short sleeves or long pant legs. A made to measure can help accentuate all your strong points without being overdone.

  1. Style your hair

Brushing your hair is not enough for a wedding. Take the time to go for a trim if you feel like it is getting too long. Go to your regular barber or stylist to avoid any newbie mess ups. When your hair is at the right length, consider styling it with moulding clay or wax. The wax or gel will help you keep your designed look for an extended period. You don’t need to fix it in between the wedding and reception.

If you are opposed to doing anything unusual or out of the ordinary, settle for drops of oil. No, you aren’t going for the sleeked back look. The oil helps add an extra shine for the photos.

  1. Do not be afraid to accessorise

To add a little bit of creativity to your outfit, play with accessories. Besides carefully choosing between belt or suspenders, or necktie versus bow tie, consider other trinkets like pins, tie clips, or cufflinks. These small items can help tie the elements of your look together. Remember to select pieces that are on-theme for the wedding. You want to look creative, but not entirely far out.

By doing these three steps, you are sure to strike a balance between being stylish but not overdressed. The extra effort you put into how you look for your best mate or your brother’s wedding will be worth it when you see your hair, clothes, and smile immortalised in someone’s wedding album.




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