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Why You Should Offer Salon Quality Tape In Hair Extensions

Why You Should Offer Salon Quality Tape In Hair Extensions

Some stylists have a tendency to believe that they ought to offer clients cheaper, lower-quality tape in hair extensions believing that their customers could be more likely to purchase them due to the affordable prices. But you must know that lower-quality tape in extensions aren’t a useful investment for you and your clients. This can stop your clients from ongoing hair extension services plus they might have to go elsewhere to locate greater quality extensions.

Many cheaper hair extension companies feel the procedure for taking out the cuticle in the hair after which coated having a thick silicone layer. This will make your hair extensions cheaper to fabricate, however, it greatly decreases the caliber of your hair. With greater quality extensions, the cuticle remains intact with Remy real hair so that they simply look better.

Once the tape in hair extension are created with 100% Remy real hair, they’ll keep going longer. Cheaper extensions are just designed to 4g iphone application. With salon quality extensions, if they’re correctly maintained, may last several reapplications. Make certain that the customers are using all the most suitable products to correctly maintain their head of hair.

One other issue with cheap hair extensions may be the silicone layer. The silicone is used to help make the extensions look shiner. However, despite a couple of washes, the silicone layer will wash off. At these times, your hair can start to look rough and broken. They’ll also start to tangle simpler since the cuticle continues to be taken off your hair. Since salon quality extensions are created with 100% cuticle intact Remy real hair, they’ll look natural and seamless inside your clients hair.

Because the extensions are created with real hair, you’ll be able to create your hair extensions just like you’d style their natural hair. Also salon quality tape in extension panels are practically invisible if they’re applied correctly, so that you can place the hair up, pull it back, or let it rest lower. This will make tape in extensions the right choice for weddings and special events.

Tape in extensions could be a lucrative service for just about any salon, only when you’re while using right extensions. easihair pro only provides the greatest quality extensions solely to salon professionals. We must have that you simply go ahead and take appropriate classes to be able to offer our tape in extensions inside your salon. These classes not just educate salon professionals how you can apply and take care of our extensions, but we counsel you on ways that you could help make your business more effective with extensions. Check out all the courses we’ve available.


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