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Important Tips on Going and Applying Dark Blonde Hair Colour.

Important Tips on Going and Applying Dark Blonde Hair Colour.

There are so many dark blonde hair colour shades from which you can choose from. From dark blonde highlights to palest platinum you can get your favourite shade. Nevertheless, the most amazing thing is that each of these shades of blonde has a variety of sub-shades.

Though there are various rules that apply to general hairstyling, when going blonde there are various ways you can defy these rules. It doesn’t matter what aspect you are looking for, the most important thing to remember when dying your hair is to seek for a professional stylist for help. A qualified stylist knows better how to handle any dark blonde hair colour. The following blonde hair colours will inspire your next style.

  1. Platinum Blonde Hair Colour

Platinum dark blonde hair colour is the lightest amongst all the blonde hues. If you have fair skin or medium skin tone, this is the ideal blonde shade for you. It is the palest blonde colour, and it looks excellent in any eye colour, but it appears most beautiful in brown and blue eyes. This hair shade has been around for some time now, and it has become the love for many women.

  1. Light Ash Blonde Hair Colour

This is shade of blonde characterized by grey, and ashy tint. It is simply a cool platinum and looks great with light complexions and light eye colours. The hue also looks great on natural hair shades, especially through balayage.

  1. Natural Blonde Hair Colour

Just as the name sounds, this blonde hair looks so natural. The baby like colour is multidimensional, with various alike blonde hues within the same class of shades. This looks superb on most skin tones, as long as the hue looks like the particular skin tone.

  1. Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

Strawberry blonde hair colour is a shade of blonde which is warm and has a reddish blonde colour that consists of all the shades of sunset. It looks great with light hair and fair skin colours. If you begin with the lighter colour, it is very simple to achieve. One cute way to create strawberry blonde hair shade is balayage over a light base.

  1. Buttery Blonde Hair Colour

Butterfly blonde hair colour is a warm colour with spots of honey-yellow. It is most suitable for pearly looks and is fair to medium tone. It also looks great with any eye colour.

  1. Being Blonde Hair Colour

This is a dark blonde hair colour base with a light, cool is ideal for fair to medium skin tones; make sure you maintain warmer tones to complement your skin. If you have dark natural hair and dark hair colours, don’t try orange-ish or ashy shades as the look may be terrific.

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