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Brief Guide to Choose Best Dress for Evening!

Brief Guide to Choose Best Dress for Evening!

The undoubted advantage of an evening dress with long sleeves is its versatility and the ability to both emphasize the advantages and hide some of the figure’s flaws. Ladies with slender arms and a graceful shoulder line can accentuate the arms with the help of long, tight-fitting, openwork or translucent sleeves. Women who cannot boast of elastic muscles and beautiful skin of their hands will easily hide such figure flaws with the help of sleeves of the maximum length.

How to choose dress by body type

For ladies of a sporty type with wide shoulders, it is recommended to wear A-shaped dresses and dresses with basques and puffy skirts from the waist, they will add volume to the hips and visually make the shoulder line softer.

  • Rectangle women can add feminine curves with draperies and pleats on the dress. Girls with a “pear” figure can easily correct the imbalance with the help of flounces and ruffles in the shoulders and neckline, decor in the hips, on the contrary, should be avoided.
  • The “apple” body type is usually overweight women with sloping shoulders, they should choose dresses of a semi-adjacent silhouette in the style of minimalism.
  • The set-in sleeve is perhaps the most common type of sleeve; it looks good on a dress made of any fabric. A sleeve with a cutout on the shoulder looks spicy, it is a great edgy cut option for an evening dress.

Another unusual type of sleeve cut – “bishop”, is a set-in sleeve, extended to the bottom and gathered at the cuff. Such a sleeve will perfectly emphasize a thin silk or chiffon fabric. It is also widely used when sewing evening dresses with a set-in sleeve with a slit, you can make your choices here at Bellabarnett.

Popular styles

A long-sleeved floor-length dress has gained popularity on fashion catwalks for a long time and returns to us with enviable frequency. This is not surprising, because such a style allows not only to focus on the advantages of the figure, but also to hide almost all the existing shortcomings.

Fabrics and textures

The preferred fabrics for evening wear are, of course, silk, lace, satin and velvet. Dresses made from these expensive and chic fabrics are played only in an appropriate solemn or intimate setting. Do not miss an opportunity to shine, because it is not presented every day!

Actual colors and finishes

The most suitable colors for an evening dress, designers this season, announced black, sapphire, white, champagne and Marsala. From sharply fashionable novelties for extravagant ladies – colorful evening dresses.


The long sleeve dress looks very harmonious on tight dresses to the heels. Slits on the skirt, open back and openwork inserts will help to make the look more daring. Also, a kimono-cut maxi dress can be an extraordinary solution.


A well-known rule of stylists says – the shorter the length of the skirt, the more closed the top should be. Don’t neglect it! A safe bet is this little black dress with long sleeves and a stand-up collar.


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