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Ayatul Kursi Jewelry: precious gift for Muslims

Ayatul Kursi Jewelry: precious gift for Muslims

Jewelry is the oldest form of adornment and has been used as a representation of faith for centuries. From common metals to precious stones and diamonds you can find no shortage of options regardless of your beliefs.  NANO JEWELRY is a combination of art and science that allows writing in 24K pure gold jewelry stones. This amazing collaboration of innovation and artistic skills is creating religious wonders in the form of NANO JEWELRY with an inscription of Holy symbols and verses of different religions.

Ayat-al-Kursi is one of the most important Quranic verses that is most recited and well known in the Islamic world. NANO JEWELRY cares for the sentiments and love of Muslims regarding this beautiful and powerful verse and that is why it introduces a phenomenal range of ‘’Arabic writing necklaces’’ with wonderful nano-calligraphy. Our gold ayatul kursi pendant carries this great verse in an elegant and sophisticated manner. It is an amazing gift for someone you love and care for. This is an outstanding way to honor your faith in Allah and in this way NANO JEWELRY is making jewelry more precious by allowing Muslims to worship their merciful Allah.

Ayatul Kursi has a theme of the oneness of Allah, and He is the superpower with all the authorities. You can avail of the opportunity of reading this ayah by special magnifying glass. The very small size and delicate nature of Ayatul Kursi make it different from similar ones.

NANO JEWELRY range of ‘’Arabic writing necklaces’’ has an astonishing collection of breathtakingly beautiful pendants with precious stones imprinted with calligraphy art assembled in sterling silver, gold plated and 14k gold material. The shinning stone of Zirconia and Swarovski witness the beautiful names of ALLAH and MUHAMMAD in perfect Arabic writing style. The gold ayat ul kursi pendant is of feminine designs of Arabic gold necklaces.


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