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How to Choose the Best Garment Steamer

How to Choose the Best Garment Steamer

Depending on what your needs are, what will help you decide on the best garment steamer. What is the appropriate size unit? To be portable, you need it? Is it relevant to price? How many clothes do you need to be pressed or dry cleaned regularly?

The steamer of clothing works with plain water. Do not add anything to the water because the machine is at risk of being blocked. The portable ones make it easy to go to any room for drapes from the bedroom to the bed skirt, to the living room for upholstery. The best clothing steamer works faster than an iron to remove wrinkles from your clothes.

Commercial clothing steamers and hand held, compact models are available in full size. Typically the full size one is the best garment steamer and have a large steam nozzle. They often include a pole where you can hang your clothes while steaming them, the ability to control the steam, and a nozzle handle.

With a smaller nozzle, the compact versions are less costly. These are easy to maneuver from room to room, and some are small enough when you’re traveling to take them with you. They are smaller and easier to store. The downside is that the water tank is smaller so you get less steam per fill, the steam isn’t going to be as powerful and you may need to go to the sink for several trips.

The large or full size steamer has a base for heating the water with a boiler. There’s a tank on the boiler to hold water. This tank is filled with tap water and rotated to the base upside down. You should have a lot of water in the configuration you select. The amount of water it contains is the amount of time you need to steam your clothing. For about 90 minutes, a one-gallon tank will steam. You’ll need the right garment steamer to accommodate your steaming needs.

Registered garment steamers with a large capacity are typically 1,200-2,000 watt devices. It is important to note that some devices need a heating time that can range from five to twenty minutes anywhere. They cost an average of $120-$200. Some have steam setting controls. It allows you to adjust the steam to the fabric with which you work. There is also a press pad which can be included as an accessory or purchased. It reduces the ability to burn your hand when steaming. For high-volume applications, professional steamers are the best choice.

The portable units are often made with the nozzle attached to the boiler as a single piece. While there are a few with push button steam power, it will produce continuous steam. Compact and lightweight, they are suitable for small household work. These don’t hold a lot of water and the steam usually lasts just 10 to 20 minutes.

A hand held steamer of clothes will cost between $30 and $60. A travel case and accessories are usually included. The wattage varies greatly from 200-1,000 watts. Typically, the higher wattage units have better steam. The one downside is that only three to five clothes can be handled per cap.

These are your options for the best steamer of clothes. When you settle on a hand held device, for shorter periods of time, it will be light and easy to hold or travel with and provide reliable, but less efficient steam. You’re going to get a smooth, wrinkle-free result.

If it’s the full size you want with commercial clothes steamers, you will produce professional-looking performance.

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