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Dealing with Alopecia: Lifestyle Tips

Dealing with Alopecia: Lifestyle Tips

Losing your hair can be difficult to deal with. The first step is to get to grips with your own feelings about alopecia, and then decide what you are going to do about your condition. You can either conceal hair loss via hats, scarves or real human hair wigs, or you can decide to go au naturel and not cover up at all. You could even go for a combination of both, depending on your mood or where you are going!


Perfectly Natural

If you are opting not to cover up you will need to think about how you are going to deal with putting yourself out there in front of others. You certainly shouldn’t feel “on show,” but you may get the odd sideways look, or a few curious questions. Do you feel you can handle having to respond if someone asks you why you haven’t got any hair or have bald patches?


Some people just don’t have a filter button, so even though it’s not considered polite to delve into other people’s business don’t be surprised if a few nosy-parkers see fit to question your hair loss. You could be honest, and take the time to explain your condition (not everyone is familiar with alopecia). However, you shouldn’t feel compelled to go into great detail, just talk about what you’re comfortable with, and if you’re not comfortable discussing it at all then simply say so!


Covering Up

Whilst you shouldn’t feel shy about having alopecia, you’re not obliged to share your condition or shout about it if you don’t want to. You might prefer to cover up your hair loss, that’s your prerogative! It’s also a good excuse to go shopping for pretty scarves, stunning hats and authentic human hair wigs. You might be surprised with the selection on offer and the great news is you can change your look to suit your mood. Always fancied being a curly haired red-head? Great, it’s the perfect time to experiment, and when you get bored swap your style and try out that beach blonde crop that’s all the rage.


Dare to Share

It’s important to remember that you are not the only person dealing with hair loss. Reach out and meet some like-minded people who are experiencing the same issues – it will help to share your frustrations and be able to discuss things with someone who knows first-hand what you are dealing with.


Don’t Let Alopecia Define You

You are still YOU with or without your hair! You still have the same great qualities that you have always had, you can still do the things you love with those you enjoy spending time with. Focus your thoughts on the positive things you have going for you, alopecia makes up a fraction of your life, don’t let it take over. Make sure your nearest and dearest understand how you are feeling and don’t be afraid to ask for a shoulder to lean on if you need it!











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