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Why It’s Time to Embrace Your Size (No Matter What Size That Is

Why It’s Time to Embrace Your Size (No Matter What Size That Is

We’re all living through an amazing time in fashion and lifestyle choices. We hear it all the time: all sizes are the new it size. Big fashion is still fashion. Every size is beautiful.

While we may hear these words throughout all types of media, hearing these words and believing them about your body are often two different things.

It’s time to put an end to thinking that the rule that “every body is beautiful” applies to everyone but you. Embrace your size – no matter what size that is.


Appearance Does Not Equal Health

One important thing to remember is that your weight, body shape, or appearance is in no way directly correlated to your health.

Some people are very slim, and they have dozens of health problems. Their bodies are weaker than they appear, even if some people think they are the most beautiful.

Other people are round with large thighs, and they run marathons every weekend. Their bodies are stronger than they appear, and they continue to impress and inspire everyone around them.

Your appearance is not your health, and your health is what matters most. Don’t let your size deter you from feeling that you are healthy, beautiful, and free to live whatever life you want to live!


You Have Options

Twenty years ago, men and women with big bones and big bodies had a very hard time finding fashion pieces in their size.

These days, the fashion industry is accepting that every size is beautiful (so you can, too). Plus size tops can be found online and in the store down the street. Custom items that fit your body perfectly are more affordable.

Now that you can rock the fashion that you want to rock, it’s easier than ever before to embrace that your body is beautiful. So believe it – and show the world your style!


Your Opinion Is All That Matters

The most important thing about embracing your size is to remember that your opinion is the only one that matters.

There will always be someone who disagrees with you in life. You cannot change everyone’s mind, and you shouldn’t want to. Some people just want to be miserable, after all!

Instead, focus on how you feel about yourself. Remind yourself of the things you love about yourself. Teach your mind how to love your body for everything it is and isn’t. After all, it’s the only body you’ll ever have!


You Are Uniquely You

Everybody and every body is different. Some people are slim and very tall. Others are short and skinny. Some are average in height, weight, and everything in between.

The important thing to remember is that your body is uniquely yours. No one else can control how you take care of it, how you see it, or how you dress it.

Being uniquely you is the best part about embracing your size – so start showing the world your confident beauty today!



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