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Push Up Jeans

Push Up Jeans

When looking for a pair of jeans there are three things to look for to make a good choice and select the one that best suits you:

– The V-Stitching

– Some Back pockets

– And medium or high waistband according to the points of your body that

Ah! and one more thing: did you know that shapewear is becoming more and more popular? Now you can find it not only underwear, but also in jeans: these have the purpose of “reshaping”, at least in an optical way your body and will allow you to have a great looking B-side.

What exactly are these push up jeans?

What a push up jeans is, which cuts are available and where you can buy it, I’ll show you now:

At first glance you may think they are a very standard type of pants: medium or high waist band, high shot and narrow leg with two real pockets on the back, maybe in indigo blue or black wash. But if you pay attention, they are nothing like the ones that you’ve had so far, which are not a few!

Once you wear them, the results are so effective but at the same time so natural that your friends will start asking you what is your workout routine!

Thanks to their optical effect, these straws are something like the wonder bra of the trousers or the Brazilian panties of the jeans, a fantasy that lasts as long as the clothes worn. An ephemeral solution to the complex of ‘flat B-side’ that allows you to raise not only your back but even more your self-esteem.

Now that you understand what these jeans are, let’s introduce you to the king of these kind of trousers: Freddy’s push up jeans.

Freddy and the revolutionary WR.UP®  technology.

Freddy is an Italian Brand born as a sportswear but after years of researching, Freddy developed the WR.UP®  technology which is actually what makes you have that perfect final look. This is a new push up jeans made with an innovative bi-elastic jersey-elastic fabric that allows the trousers to look the same as the jeans, but maintaining a typical jersey fit that is incomparably comfortable.  Its high quality material, mostly in cotton, once you wear it  will feel like a second skin gently wrapped around your body.

The revolutionary WR.UP®  shape the hips and back of the body in a completely natural way: they support, enhance and redesign the backside for a perfect fit that suits everyone. The colour palette, ranging from melange grey to military green, makes them glamorous and versatile at the same time, suitable not only for going out but also for leisure time. The amazing WR.UP® Freddy pants are stretchy, comfy, durable and are available in 4 versions: low, regular, medium and high. You can pick out the perfect model for yourself, and put them on as if they were tights, unwrapping them along the legs in a natural way.

Combined with the right accessories, they are also ideal for dinner or a party. Available on  Freddy online shop, this “ultra shaping” trousers are made of jersey, a comfortable and soft material that, incredibly, gives a push-up effect capable of shaping the silhouette. Strategic stitching, sartorial skill and forever goodbye to sheaths and uncomfortable restraining panties.

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