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The 10 Most Popular Wedding Themes Right Now

The 10 Most Popular Wedding Themes Right Now

These days’ weddings are no longer just as about the bride, groom, and their families, the looks of the central couple and their families, the food the hosts serve to their guests and so on. It is the central theme of the wedding that happens to attract the attention of a large majority of people. These days hosts arranging for the wedding parties are not just selecting the venue for their event but also the kind of look that they want for the event. Certain popular wedding themes are doing their rounds in the market!

Some of the best-customized themes option offered at Chattarpur banquet halls will cover a wide variety of choices, from which different hosts can select as per their likes and preferences. Let us take a look at some of the popular wedding themes to be used in the current times.

The Rustic Setting – There are numerous hotels and luxury resorts in the country who can offer you the best setting for creating a perfectly rustic backdrop for the event. The look will be a super simple, warm, and a charming one where the scene will be transformed into a country side kind of a feel. Such themes are much in fashion and are being chosen by numerous couples.

All Natural – In this wedding theme, the event essentially has to take place in a beautiful garden. Whether the event is taking place in the morning or the evening, it can be a perfect backdrop for the occasion, giving it a romantic and beautiful look.

Sea And Sand – Those who love the sea and the sand can opt for this look. However, you will need the setting of a seaside resort to get the look and the feel for this theme.

Traditional – There are various hotels and resorts in the city such as The Opulent from the Ferns and Petals which can offer you with banquets halls and gardens that can be used to create a perfectly traditional framework for the event.

A Touch Of Royal – You can also opt for Shagun Farm and Chattarpur Central where you can create a wedding background and a venue setting that will have a touch of royal opulence. This is the D-day for your girl or your boy, and you can make it the most special memory for her.

Disney – Add a zing of fun and frolic to the whole affair and create a wedding backdrop on the fun characters of Disney. Let this event be one that will bring back the best memories of your childhood and make an attempt to make the best memory of your new life.

Fall – Fall is a season of its own fashion and fun. Weddings around this time of the year can have the theme of this season.

Snow And Winter – The snow and winter wedding theme will be having the principal colors of black and white that can be used to decorate the background of the wedding and also design the clothes of the bride and the groom.

Vintage – Add some exquisite old antique pieces o the backdrop keeping the whole idea simple to give it a vintage theme.

Travel – Finally, for you, wanderlust lovers give your marriage a travel theme with giving each table and section different names.

These weddings themes add a special spark to the event and can make the whole set all the more interesting and memorable.

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