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4 Key Traits a Personal Stylist Should Have

4 Key Traits a Personal Stylist Should Have

Stylists are great image-makers and powerful storytellers in the clothing and fashion industry. By how they often present clothes, stylists may show you how to create aspirations and engage withclothing.

Most stylists have now become part of a marketing machine in the fashion industry, creating imagery and looks, which convince people to buy into the latest trends. However, a new group of sustainable stylists have reclaimed the responsibility of stylists, helping people reimagine their relationships with clothes.

All these sustainable fashion stylists have their own approaches, either by opting to source garments from sustainable brands, incorporating preloved garments into shoots, or sharing ways to restyle existing garments. Whichever way, you will need to choose a personal stylist with the following traits:

1.     Analysis of Colour

Colour analysis refers to determining which colours can flatter a person’s eye colour, hair colour, and skin tone. This is vital for many personal stylists who want to ensure their clients wear clothes, which accentuate their best features and flatter their figures.

If your personal stylist who will do the colour analysis is in London, it’s important to note that their services might come at a higher cost, as is the case in many other fashion capitals. However, rest assured that the higher price often reflects the experience and expertise of these stylists. In London, you can find some of the most experienced colour analysts who can effortlessly guide you, especially when you find yourself in between seasons. Their valuable insights and knowledge will help you navigate the nuances of seasonal colours and undertones, ensuring that you always look your best no matter the occasion.

2.     Good Sense of Fashion

This has a lot to do with matching certain patterns and colours together so as to create a perfect composition of outfits. Personal stylists should know a broad spectrum of styles, trends, and brands. It is also important for them to know which shapes and colours look great on people and which ones don’t.

Some personal stylists are naturally great at choosing and pairing clothes that perfectly match together. They often picture the final look before they even try out any clothing.

3.     Skills for Saving Money and Time

If you have no idea what to look for, you may end up spending a lot of time and money finding, trying, and purchasing different styles, which don’t suit you. And in the end, you will feel disappointed and frustrated.

Unlike you, personal stylists are skilled in understanding their clients and what they need in terms of fashion style. With their skills, they won’t just ensure you choose colours that can flatter. They will also use their skills to analyze your body proportions, body shape, face shape, and body type, to name a few.

4.     Organizational Skills

A fashion style should oversee the clothing movement to and from a client’s house. The expert should as well handle huge inventories of accessories, shoes, and clothing. Most of these are on loan from retail stores or designers and should be tracked and inventoried properly so that they may be returned later.

Disorganization can’t be tolerated in this job occupation. So organization is one of the important skills that a fashion stylist needs. They will use these skills to track clothes their clients wear to prevent embarrassing red-carpet moments, like duplicated outfits or looks.

The Takeaway

Professional stylists are not just experienced and talented. They also have certain skills that help to satisfy the needs of customers. Some of the key skills an experienced and talented personal stylist should have may include physical/mental stamina, technical skills, organization skills, adaptability, flexibility, patience, and communication skills.

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